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Scanner is not connecting to Windows 10

Scanner is not connecting to Windows 10

Scanner is not connecting to Windows 10 – The scanner is an electronic device which scans documents and layout a copy on white paper. This is widely used to transfer electronic copy of a document to remote computers. We need to connect Scanner with PC using device driver. The device driver might corrupt and lead with connecting error. Sometimes, Windows updating might create connectivity related issues. As a result system could not find the scanner and ask us to connect it. We are going through a new error showing on screen. The error showing on screen is “Problem connecting to scanner“.

Scanner is not connecting to Windows 10

How to fix Scanner is not connecting to Windows 10?

  • Scanner Network Settings – Suppose you have HP Scanner being connectivity issue. Go to Start and navigate to HP folder. Open the folder and select HP Scan Settings. Go to Network and click on Add. See if it searches for an IP Address. If yes double click on IP Address, choose Edit & rename it. Finally click OK & Exit.
  • Compatibility Mode Settings – The compatibility mode might create connectivity related issues. So we need to clarify that compatibility mode is not enabled. We can check it by following procedures. Right click on scanner’s icon and select Properties from the list. Go to Compatibility and check if it is disabled.
  • Check for Windows Services – Press Window Key + R and type services.msc. Locate to Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service and right click on it. Now select on Properties. Now navigate to Startup Type value. The Startup Type should be set to Automatic. Service Status is on running mode. Finally click on Apply button.

  • Processes should be set to Automatic – DCOM Server Process Launcher, Shell Hardware Detection, Remote Procedure Call, and RPC Endpoint Mapper Services must be Started value set to Automatic.
  • Perform Hardware Troubleshooting – This can easily be performed by typing “msdt.exe /id DeviceDiagnostic” on run command. Follow the wizard till the completion.
  • Update Scanner driver through Settings

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