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Satellites to deliver fastest Internet Service in Future

Satellites to deliver fastest Internet Service in Future

Satellites to deliver fastest Internet Service in Future – Today, whole world are accessing Internet which are transmitted from one place to another through underground cables and undersea cables media. And there are billions of users who are deprived from the Internet service due to such infrastructure dependence of cables and wires. In order to provide accessibility to such users the internet providers do not have any options left. So the scientists are looking of a new way so that Internet connectivity be available around the whole world. They use a bunch of artificial satellite which are technically made to provide internet connectivity either to selected areas or around the world.
Why to Choose Satellite despite of Optical Fibre Network?

This is because optical fibre is too expensive and vulnerable to breaks or power outages. (Being common on developing countries).
What are the Companies efforts to Internet Satellites?

Some of the companies like Space X, One Web and Leo Sat are in early stage of launching hundreds or even thousands of satellites to accomplish the task. A company named SES Networks has 12 satellites which are circling the globe. Their presence is delivering high throughput data services to distinct places. They are intended to deliver quickly high volume of data to remote parts of the world and enable them to connect to network. They use geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO) which are traditionally been used for telecommunication due to huge coverage advantage.

But a factor which affect this system is latency which means satellites would take about 500 milliseconds to travel down to earth and back again creating pause in providing internet connection. This problem can be solved by flying satellites on Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), where latency is less than 150 milliseconds enabling transmission. All such innovation will begin with the fifth generation of wireless services. But this project will take time and money in multiples.

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