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Role of Internet in Online Wedding Planning

Role of Internet in Online Wedding Planning

Role of Internet in Online Wedding PlanningRole of Internet in Online Wedding Planning – Today, Internet has become an extraordinary platform where a couple sitting thousands of kilometers away from each other are accomplishing their entire wedding phases. Many wedding websites are playing a major role in this ground. The couples meeting at any online platform like Games, Chat & Social media proceed further to become Brides & Grooms. So, we can say internet has completely revolutionized the wedding Industry.

According to News Channels – “Some brides have worn Google Glass headsets under their veils or put cameras on drones to film first-person or bird’s-eye views of their big days”. Today, brides can plan their weddings, order rings, send invitations, choose cards, hire best caterers and even choose their gifts without leaving their couch. The social networking like Pinterest where bridesmaids can spy the silk, tweak the taffeta and proceed in to prevent unfortunate dress codes.

Today Online Social Video apps like Skype allow Video chat where couples can share their whole wedding thoughts with each other. Large no of immigrant community couples uses skype as online media where they exhibit proxy marriages. Despite the physical distance between the couples they are accomplishing all marriage events. One best example happened in 2014 when – the Huffington post reported on Jen and Nick Cosplay partners who built their relationship while playing world of Warcraft online. The advantage of online marriage is that the couples are choosing their partners with their own after full satisfaction to proceed further. Now they can’t claim their mediators about anything as a whole.

Various online website, applications, mobile apps and online tools are helping users to plug into the online wedding planning. So, we can see that Internet technology are contributing a lot in whole phase of online marriage starting from meeting to marriage.

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