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Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Future

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Future

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Future – Starting from year 2000, we observed a really new generation of Computer machine called Robots technology. It comes under the fourth generation of computers consisting of more intelligent robots that includes advanced computers memory to reason, learn and more sophisticated sensors that help controllers to adapt themselves more effectively in different circumstances. Robotics is said to be the next technological revolution in the world. Many Scientists seem to agree that robots will have a tremendous impact over the following years. Many Companies are investing billions of dollars in this sector & legal frameworks to enable a coherent growth of robotics.

So let’s take a look of some of the futuristic concepts of Robots

  1. Robot Teacher – Presently some school in Korea have employed this technique of virtual presence of a teacher to help children learn English language. The teacher can communicate with the class via live streaming through the robot. This technique is cheaper way of getting teachers who are fluent in English from distant places. Quality education would no longer be limited by location.
  2. The Wi-Fi Cloud – It may be possible in time of critical emergency when networking systems or network may be down. This is a legitimate situation and in order to tackle this, idea of WIFI Swarm really work out. This module would have thousands of flying bug like robots with a Wi-Fi module attached to them. This swarm will provide a flying WIFI network at any place. Now everything are reconnected to each other with the help of Robot Swarm.
  3. Health Care – This is the biggest application of robots till date. A. Exoskeletons – It helps out the disabled or paralysed person by enhancing normal human capabilities like walking. People with disability will have to choose from a plethora of prosthetics which could be metallic or 3d printed. It help out in surgery, they can perform very fine and precision based operations.
  4. E-Commerce – It may be helpful in manufacturing and development sector. Complex machines have been used for a while now to make the process of manufacturing easier for humans. So no risk of human error and output efficiency should be higher. By this we predict that robots would take up more than 50% of human work jobs by 2050.

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