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Resolving Snap-In Unloaded issue for Performing Non- Valid Operation

Resolving Snap-In Unloaded issue for Performing Non- Valid Operation

Resolving Snap-In Unloaded issue for Performing Non- Valid OperationResolving Snap-In Unloaded issue for Performing Non- Valid Operation- This is an error message. Snap – IN is an operation performed by the system, whenever you tries to open the Microsoft Management Console or MMC in Windows 10. The Snap- in Fails while performing non- valid operation and shows the issue like – “The Snap- in Performed a non-Valid operation and has been unloaded. To continue working with this Snap-in, restart the MMC or try loading the snap-In again”.

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) provides a framework, and plays a crucial role to manage application on Windows like Device Manager, Event Viewer and many more. These application are managed using MMC Snap-In.

Unloaded Snap-In for performing non- Valid Operation:-

This error message means that you tried to execute the MMC, and the snap-in did not loaded correctly. We can reload it but if it still fails then we need to solve this unpleasant issue.

Reinstall the Snap – In – We can reinstall the snap-in to check, it might work.

Isolate the Clean Boot State:-

We can Boot our System or can also check that weather the issue is with the System or due to another software.
After Booting if MMC and related snap- in work well, it means the issue is with third party software.
If the issue is related to third party software.
Then we manually needs to detect the software and uninstall it.

Delete the snap-in:- 

If we have found the issue then we can open the MMC folder location and delete the snap-in.
Delete the troublesome snap-in from the list, and reboot the system.


Install the .NET 3.5
Windows 7 system needs .NET 3.5.x to be installed, and open the Turn Windows Feature On or OFF Applet
Select .NET Framework 3.5 and click OK.
Restart the System and resolve the issue.

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