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Replacement for Windows Start Menu and Run Dialogue Box

Replacement for Windows Start Menu and Run Dialogue Box

Replacement for Windows Start Menu and Run Dialogue BoxReplacement for Windows Start Menu and Run Dialogue Box-  Windows is updating its version and it is one of the amazing feature, but start menu and its overall design is not liked by everyone. There are various options to change the start menu as per our likes but despite of all we are going to focus on Labrys start menu.  It is free software and is easy to understand. We cannot count everyone as the advance user of Windows.
If we want a feature rich Run dialogue box, then we need to go for the Labrys Start Menu. It provides rapid access to apps and other command line utility using Keyboard, Mouse or other touch option.

How to Install Labrys Start Menu.

Labrys Start Menu is very small in size around 26MB which can be easily downloaded. After downloading double click on the file to install it.
Once installed, now we can check all the required features that we want in the table to improve our experience. In order to launch the Labrys start Menu, we have to click on start Menu. Here we will experience the faster Start Menu, faster than ever.
After launching it we need to manage few things, these are managing Administrative Tools and other windows accessories. Through this we can categories everything in alphabetical order.
Labrys provide an additional execute box at the top of the Menu. This box helps us to search anything rapidly and it works faster than the regular menu.
We can also change the colors of any section that we want and can customize anything as per our liking. If we want an shortcut folder of the executor box then we can also make it.
If we wish to uninstall it then nothing more is required to do just navigate to the right column and select regular start Menu.

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