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Reason why Windows Cannot be Activated

Reason why Windows Cannot be Activated

Reason why Windows Cannot be Activated – If your PC display a message “Windows can’t be activated” during activating Window OS, then the possible reason behind it is explained below. There are five major reasons for displaying such error on your screen. The details regarding each are illustrated below.

  1. Different product key or version of windows used during repair.

When Window PC was repaired or rebuilt, it might be possible that a different product key was used or different version of windows was installed. In such case window might be blocked.

In order to fix such error user has to apply the product key included with your PC or original copy of windows or reinstalling original version of windows.

  1. When one copy of Windows was installed on Several PCs.

If a user uses one copy of Windows on more than one PC, the activation might not work because the product was used earlier on genuine PC due to Microsoft Software License Terms.

Such case can be resolved by purchasing a new product key for each PC to activate them.

  1. Software Counterfeiting

When you use a counterfeit or unlicensed copy of windows, the activation won’t work because Microsoft does not recognise such PC or Product key. Buy a new genuine copy of windows from Microsoft.

  1. When a user purchased PC from someone who has already installed the windows using product key being used on more than one PC. Ask the owner of PC for such key or Window DVD.
  2. During Hardware Changes – If a user has changed or replaced any hardware like hard drive or motherboard, then windows might no longer be activated.

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