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Procedure to Update popular Internet Browsers

Procedure to Update popular Internet Browsers

Procedure to Update popular Internet Browsers – At present there are four popular browsers which are used mostly by the Internet users. These popular browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. The primary function of any internet browser is to allow access to webpages of any types despite all internal complexity. Each Internet browsers has its own properties and working module.

Procedure to Update popular Internet Browsers

The programmer of these Internet browsers is fully engaged on adding new features, improving Performance & Security, changing appearance and many more. They impart constant work on security addressing. When we access these webpages, there may be chances of malicious infection to the native site. So, to resolve such dangerous issues user need to constantly update the Internet browser. These above said browsers are easily available and downloaded on to the user’s own computer.

In this article we will emphasis on update procedure of each of the internet browsers especially Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Earlier Internet browsers was updated manually by checking current version number followed by checking latest version of that browser. If any new version of update is available, user need to download that .exe file and install on host computer.

Internet Explorer (IE) – Internet Explorer (IE) comes along with Windows OS. The IE browsers is updated automatically with Windows system updates. The user need to run Window update from start menu by checking if it is available. As long as windows is updated, the IE will be updated simultaneously. The IE update is available under “Important Updates”.

Safari Browser – The Safari browser also comes along with Apple Operating system. Whenever update for safari is available user will be intimated by notification called “App Updates Available”. The user can check updates by looking at the “Software Updates” list from the Apple OS menu.

Mozilla Firefox – The user can check updates availability manually by pressing “Check for updates” button (the button is available after opening help menu and selecting “About Firefox”). Since Firefox will notifies you when an update is available.

Google Chrome – The browser will update itself whenever it is running and also be checked manually under “About Chrome” menu. Both Chrome and Firefox can be downloaded and installed by their respective websites. (Using another browser)

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