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Polaroid Tablet Features & Specification

Polaroid Tablet Features & Specification

Polaroid Tablet Features & Specification – The Polaroid tablet was released in 2012 which was manufactured by Southern Telecom Company. This tablet costs you less than $130 from retailers and $110 by Amazon Company. Polaroid Tablet had some pretty nifty hardware features which you did expect from a costlier tablet by Samsung or Asus and it comes with Google’s new feature-rich Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The Southern telecom had launched overall 8 versions of Polaroid 7-inch Internet tablet seems to be similar in design & features.

Polaroid Tablet Features & Specification

The latest version of Polaroid has listed specification given below.

  1. An ARM CORTEX-A8 microprocessor, running at a speed of 1gigahertz
  2. An open GL ES 2.0 graphic accelerator, which provides 3-D game support
  3. A 7-inch (17.8-centimeter) multi-touch screen, with 800 by 480 pixels of resolution
  4. 512 megabytes of DDR2 random-access memory
  5. The 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi chip which enables the Polaroid Tablet to access a wireless network.
  6. A Micro SDHC card slot which enables the user to add a to add up to 32 megabytes of additional storage.
  7. A front-facing camera with both still and video capabilities.
  8. A mini-USB port, where you can plug in an external keyboard.
  9. It contains Android 4.0 (Ice cream Sandwich) Operating system having good email capabilities and a web browser which promises faster browsing than previous release.
  10. The Polaroid Tablet has lithium ion battery possessing backup of 60 to 70 hours on full charging.
  11. Music system withstand upto 10 hours along with Wi-Fi and backlit screen in Sleep mode.
  12. Video files running between 4.5 to 5 hours when Wi-Fi is turned off.
  13. E-Book withstand time of 6 to 7 hours on Wi-Fi turned off.
  14. The user can browse upto 5- 6 hours on single full charging.

The polaroid tablet was designed to compete with the iPad 3 and other high-end tablets. Ice Cream Sandwich OS will allow you to download and run scores of apps from the Android online app store including both Kindle and Google book readers, social networking apps such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

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