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Playing Games Will Crash Computer in Windows 10

Playing Games Will Crash Computer in Windows 10

Playing Games Will Crash Computer in Windows 10Playing Games Will Crash Computer in Windows 10 – Most of us love to play games on Computer and it will be more fun if the operating system is Windows 10. The Windows 10 is the exclusive home for DirectX 10 and Microsoft Store. But like the previous versions of Windows it is prone to many of the common problems folks face on a regular basis. The main difficulty occurs when system gets crashed again and again. And restoring your PC gaming machine is quite cumbersome. If you are a PC gamer and your windows gets crushed then don’t worry and read the full article to get a viable solution. In this article we suggest you few troubleshooting methods which will help you recover from system crash.

Playing Games Will Crash Computer in Windows 10

Procedure to stop PC from crashing or freezing when playing games.

  1. Disable programs running on background.

Although these games consume a lot of memory on runtime. So, it will be good to close all other program before running games. It can only be done from the background. If a game is unable to gain access to the memory it needs, it will either crash or run very slowly. So Right Click on Taskbar and Select Task Manager. A window will pop-up with several tabs, you just need to click on the one that says Startup. Here you’ll see all the apps and programs that automatically launch during a Windows 10 fresh boot. So, at last restart the computer and play your game without any issue.

  1. Update the drivers as soon as possible –

Gamers are advised to update his window with the latest drivers related to graphics and runtime too. The good option is to venture off to device manager or windows update to install the update for your drivers.

  1. How to Overcome Computer Overheating –

We all know that an overheated computer will automatically shut down or prone to other problems. We can check the cooling components as they are working properly or not. So clean the fans and other hardware which is direct contact with dust or air.

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