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PC Cursor working abnormally while typing

PC Cursor working abnormally while typing

PC Cursor working abnormally while typing – We used to note our daily work or office schedule on computer at rest time. When we start typing, the mouse cursor jumps here and there. The abnormal behaviour of cursor is automatic at the time of writing note. Why do PC Cursor working abnormally while typing? Though, the general reason behind this might be touchpad sensitivity. It may be possible that touchpad is having high sensitivity. Our hand accidentally touches the touchpad while typing note. Make sure that hands do not touch touchpad while typing. See if this works else read the full article.PC Cursor working abnormally while typing

The problem might be different with mouse pointer disappears and get replaced with arrow keys. We have couple of fixings to fix PC cursor working abnormally while typing. Follow them one by one and check if it works else reverses the process. The fixing procedures do not require much technical skill.

Procedure to fix: PC Cursor working abnormally while typing

  • Ensure that device drivers of Mouse/ Touchpad (Laptop) and Keyboard is up to date. If it is not up to date, then update all. Check the mouse battery is good.
  • Perform Antivirus scan to fix malware creating the issue. If required download the latest version or up to date.
  • Touchpad sensitivity settings – In Windows 10, Open Settings > Devices > Touchpad > Set Touchpad sensitivity to Low.
  • In Windows 8.1, open Charms > PC Settings > PC & Devices > Mouse and Touchpad. Under Touch pad heading, you have “To help prevent the cursor from accidentally moving when you change the delay before clicks work”. Select long delay from drop down menu.
  • Go to Control Panel > Mouse > Select Pointer Options Tab > Under Visibility heading uncheck “Hide pointer while typing”.
  • Start PC in Clean Boot mode to counter programs interfering the normal functioning of mouse. If clean boot mode clarifies that any third party app is creating the trouble then point out the culprit and uninstalls it immediately.
  • Disable the Pointing device – Go to Device Manager > Mice & Other Pointing devices > Select the pointing device > right click on it > select Disable.
  • Lastly, install any third party freeware which will automatically disable touchpad while typing the text. Like TouchFreeze which is also a third party freeware. This tool will prevent cursor moving if palm of hand accidently touches the touchpad. Alternatively, we can use Touchpad Pal which when detects keyboard activity and concurrently disable the touchpad.

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