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Password sent through body more secure than Air

Password sent through body more secure than Air

Password sent through body more secure than Air – With the advent of technical world, the idea of protecting our home, offices and selves has changed a lot. The society today has been shifting from mechanical to electronics locks. The mechanism behind locking a lock has changed from mechanical to electronics. Earlier we need to carry a bunch of keys to lock & unlock locks placed on each doors of our home. With the use of an app on your Smartphone, we can lock & unlock such electronic locks easily. The new system spared you totally from handling armful of keys.

Password sent through body more secure than Air

In order to lock or unlock electronic locks a special electronic gadget is kept with the locks and signal send via Smartphone app will trigger electronic gadget to initiate locking & unlocking activity. Since signal sent via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth would not be secure because criminals today are more tech oriented. They equipped with right gadgetry can hack the signal via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to open the lock easily. So signal must be sent via another media instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or Air.

The researchers from University of Washington have come up with a potential way to trick such hackers. The study emphasised on sending signals with your own body capable of transmitting a low frequency signal. The low frequency signal generated by Smartphone fingerprint scanner would flow through our body to open a lock from close up. The users need to carry a phone or other electronic gadget that contains the code to open the door.

According to Paper Co-Author and UW Electrical Engineering doctoral student Mehrdad Hessar – “I can touch the doorknob and touch the fingerprint sensor on my phone and transmit my secret credentials through my body to open the door, without leaking that personal information over the air”. But researchers say we can also use other sort of electronic gadget in your pocket or around your wrist to sent signal via body to unlock or lock the locks.

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