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Pandigital Tablet Specification & Features

Pandigital Tablet Specification & Features

Pandigital Tablet Specification & Features – Apple iPad being the top performer in terms of tablet marketing. Various other companies also tried to retard but the performance and popular of Apple iPad never reversed. We have seen a digital photo frames popular in the market. The better-known maker of famous digital photo frame was Pandigital. Pandigital also showed interest in lucrative tablet market. Pandigital is a California based company lies in manufacturing low cost digital photo frames and other electronic goods such as Tablets.

Pandigital Tablet Specification & Features

Pandigital Company had released four versions of tablets i.e. The Supernova, Nova, Star and Planet. All such model costs you less than 200 dollars with no of common features. Among the three, Supernova 8-inch tablet is the most expensive one costing 200 dollars. The intrinsic specifications of Supernova include – RAM of 512 MB, 4 GB of Storage, 1.06 GHZ Samsung S5PV210 Cortex CPU Processor. The Screen having resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. The screen quality would be satisfactory.

The Next Pandigital release was Nova, which is smaller, less expensive model than Supernova. The Nova tablet costs you 180 dollars. The Nova tablet has competitive size of 7 inches. The memory, storage space and resolution would be similar to Supernova Boss. The Internal storage would be 2 GB lesser than the Supernova 4 GB. The next model is Star which costs you 159 dollars in the market. It is the lowest priced model released by Pandigital. The Star tablet offers you 256 MB of RAM and Hard Drive capacity of 2 GB. The star’s 7-inch screen has lower resolution of 800 by 480 pixels, which is lower than the others. The company emphasis more on lightweight which ease carry around.

Pandigital tablet was not approved by Google so it was not in the list of Google Play. The two release Supernova and Nova run on Android Operating systems – Android 2.3 and Android 2.2. GetJar, a web based Android shopping center is the world largest app store, was there in Pandigital tablet. The other extensive features include – Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader, You tube and Facebook, ES Fire Explorer, office Suite viewer, email connectivity, a dictionary and Notepad.

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