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OSArmour Security Solution for Ransomware Attacks

OSArmour Security Solution for Ransomware Attacks

OSArmour Security Solution for Ransomware Attacks – We have heard about Ransomware attacks on millions of computers demanding dollars to unlock the victim’s PC and other malicious attacks for financial or personal gain on Internet. Here we have a robust solution to counter such types of threat on internet. Here we will discuss about a tool that adds a layer of security onto your computer. One such tool is OSArmor which was developed by experts of NoVirusThanks. This tool is free of cost which adds a layer of security by constantly monitoring and blocking suspicious processes.

OSArmour Security Solution for Ransomware Attacks

The OSArmor application run on background and scan the processes running at real time. There are more than 30 security policies preloaded to help in examining the difference between the normal and bad behavior of a process. This tool will not hinder the running activity of your antivirus software. The OSArmour tool will run along with your favorite installed antivirus. It can easily hold the threat that might be withhold by Antivirus.

You can configure it according to your requirements. It does not require any additional configuration and setup, just download and install it. The main objectives and work of OSArmour is described below.

  1. Block System Processes – This process will close a lot of security loopholes by barring system process. The OSArmor can block system modification using Bcedit.exe. By executing remote scripts and powershell it can prevent Regsvr32.exe. It can prevent system processes from executing suspicious command line strings. There are many such policies available in this tool to prevent system processes from carrying out tasks which create security issues.
  2. Block Anti-Exploit Protection – It is an essential policy available in this tool which tends to block any anti exploit protection issues.
  3. Block Process Execution – It will block process for execution possessing double file extensions like pfd.exe. likewise, it will also block process with .pif or .com extension. It can also block processes originated from any suspicious location.
  4. Protect MS Office Application – The tool will protect your computer against the DDE exploitation in Office Apps. It will regularly monitor Office applications from harmful threats.
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  1. Nice article on Security System Maintenance, I would suggest Win-911 Advance Alarm Notification Software that gives alert which can be used in Industrial as well as commercially.

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