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OneNote and OneNote 2016 Feature Differences

OneNote and OneNote 2016 Feature Differences

OneNote and OneNote 2016 Feature DifferencesOneNote and OneNote 2016 Feature Differences – OneNote is the feature initiated by windows that helps us to perform multiple action, like when we scan OneNote with OneDrive, it Searches our hand written notes, Emails, Content into OneNote and more. But the major thing is that why there was a need of upgraded functionality of OneNote i.e. OneNote 2016.

Differentiating Features of OneNote and OneNote 2016


First of all, the basic thing is that OneNote for Windows 10 is iconed as “OneNote” and gets Preinstalled in with Windows 10 and can work its function only on Windows 10.

OneNote working on Windows 10 have varied range of interface that is customizable and is consistent with OneNote for Mac, iOS, Android and OneNote Online.

OneNote 2016

While, OneNote 2016 is designed as Desktop and can work eventually well with Microsoft Office Suit. It can also run on Windows 8, Windows 10 and also on Windows 7.

It supports Smart Lookup feature that helps in finding additional information and adding in into our Notebook, research, links, and web articles.

To access smart lookup we should right click the element on which we would like to collect and drag that data on that notebook.

OneNote App for Windows 10

Cortana our assistant partner on Windows 10 gets accessed by OneNote through our voice to get moved through devices and platforms and can also share notes with any app.

Next, OneNote of Windows 10 performs an arranging task of our data by date i.e. when we have modified them and allows us to preview the document or our data without any need of opening the page.

It also have alot of functional changes, i.e., we can solve our equation as when we input our equation the app will help you graph or solve it step-by-step with the Ink Math Assistant.

Finally we can also create some creativity in with new colours like gold, galaxy and many more to improve our reading with Immersive Reader.

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