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Nums Lock Key not working when enabled in Windows

Nums Lock Key not working when enabled in Windows

Nums Lock Key not working when enabled in Windows – Numeric Lock or Num Lock is a key when enabled allows numeric input on Computers. But sometimes after being enabled the digits do not work. Although the green signal of Numeric lock is seen active on computers. This is not a hardware related problem. In this article we have much possible solution to counter this type of problems. Some of the Troubleshooting steps are illustrated below. We will provide you step by step procedure to accomplish such troubleshooting.

  1. Troubleshooting in Clean Boot Mode
  2. Installation of driver in Compatible mode
  3. Turning off Mouse key
  4. Concerned Device Driver Updating

Troubleshooting in Clean Boot Mode – In Clean boot state the system starts with a minimal number of drivers and startup programs which helps to isolate the cause with interfering software. Once booted in clean boot state, enable the process one after other to counter the process which is culprit.

Nums Lock Key not working when enabled in Windows

Installation of Driver in Compatible mode – First of all update the concerned device driver (keyboard driver). If updating does not fix the error then go for latest Installation of Drivers. Visit Manufacturer website and install them in the Compatible mode. How it can be done?

Right click on Driver Setup File, navigate to Properties and select the compatibility tab. Check the option “Run this program in Compatibility mode”. Select the previous version of software. Then click on OK and Apply. Install the driver and wait for installation to complete and then restart the device. Check if problem is solved else proceeds to next step.

Turning off Mouse key – Go to the Control Panel and navigate to the Ease of Access Center. Now Go to Make the Keyboard easier to use. Navigate to Control the mouse with the keyboard and uncheck the Turn On Mouse keys” Option. Click on Apply and OK.

Nums Lock Key not working when enabled in Windows


Concerned Device Driver Updating – In case any hardware like keyboard is showing a problem then you should update the device drivers. Just open the Device Manager and navigate to keyboard section and right click on it and click on Update Driver Software.

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