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Nook Tablet Features & Specification

Nook Tablets Features & Specification:

Nook Tablet Features & Specification – Among the list of released tablets in the market, each one has a unique embedded feature attached with it. Some are popular for Painting purpose, some are famous for designing, some are suitable for multimedia applications, some are best for browsing, etc. Apart from this the Nook tablet is designed suitably for ebook reading. Nook Tablet Features & Specification.

Nook Tablet Features & Specification

Today’s technology replaced books, pens, pencils, copies with the tablets where all such tools are available for us. In Nov 2009, Barnes & Noble Inc. had launched Nook, a standard tablet that operated on an Android system and allows direct install or download of Barnes & Noble books. Later Wi-Fi capability and sharp color display was added to it. The nook tablet was more than just your digital book shelf. In 2011, Amazon and Barnes & Noble sold 7.5 million tablets whereas Apple iPad sold upto 40.4 million units.

Nook tablet of 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide in size being popular among the e-book reader. The tablet run on Android operating system and having storage of 8GB and 16 GB in respective models. The 7inch model has a high resolution of 1024 by 600-pixel display. The models do not have 3G or 4G capabilities due to which it costs low in the market.

The Tablet layout is also very suitable for reading. Press the Nook button at the bottom of the screen to access a kind of contents page and slide a touch-screen icon to unlock the Tablet. The two Physical volume buttons let user to adjust the sound level. The battery inside the tablet is rated 11.5 hours of reading and 9 hours of video streaming. On the reading side where tablet also provide option for magazines and comic books. But user cannot download music or video into the Nook tablet directly.

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