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Ngrok Making Local Server Public with Secure Tunnels

Ngrok Making Local Server Public with Secure Tunnels

Ngrok Making Local Server Public with Secure Tunnels – Ngrok is a free service for windows that helps in exposing the local servers over the public Internet over public tunnels. The biggest challenge faced by the developer is to test the software that they’ve written. But the major challenge comes when tester has to test the software that are outside of their work area. As because most of the development occurs at the local level and all the web servers are running at the local servers.

Ngrok Security:-

The major question arises in our mind is that how should we use ngrok or what is ngrok. While talking about ngrok, is a platform designed by Microsoft that helps us to find all the local servers running behind the Firewalls to the public internet over the secure tunnels. As the tool requires zero configuration and already comes with inbuilt network interceptor.

Tunnelling method is running for many years and various VPNs use this technique to access the unrestricted internet.

Ngrok creates a secure tunnel between the public internet and the local host server.

Process of using Ngrok:-

Creating a account on ngrok is absolutely free and we can manage all activity form the cloud based dashboard.

Creating Tunnel is very simple as we just needs to download a zip file and run CMD and navigate to folder where the unzipped files are.

After that run the command.

Ngrok Making Local Server Public with Secure Tunnels./ngrok http 8080

If we want to connect this ngrok to our account, then we need a authentication token before running the command. We can get the token from our ngrok account and run the following command to CMD.

./ngrok authtoken your_token_here

Note that this is one time token and cannot be reused.

After creating the tunnel, ngrok will show the public URL to our server, and this the subdomain of and is generated automatically. The default URL is enough for testing your application.

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