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Nearby Sharing Short Distance Communication in Win 10

Nearby Sharing Short Distance Communication in Win 10

Nearby Sharing Short Distance Communication in Win 10 – Today data are transferred or shared between computers with the help of communication medium i.e Wire or Without Wire. We really interested in knowing the best possible mechanism to transfer or share information between two desktops. If we talk about communication without wire, then Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared etc are used extensively. Bluetooth is good but transfer only small files. In this you need to pair devices every time, which is cumbersome. Wi-Fi is also pretty but devices must be on same network. In this article we will focus on a new feature added Window 10 v1803 Onwards. Such communication mechanism is known as Nearby Sharing.

Nearby Sharing Short Distance Communication in Win 10

The Nearby Sharing will be seen on Shared experiences settings which lets you transfer files to nearby computer fastly without any setup. It can easily share file with any PC in a room without password or pairing. The Nearby sharing uses both bluetooth or Wifi to locate any available nearby devices. In this case no need to send files over email or network based file sharing tools. So nearby sharing mechanism would be the best for communication between two computers.

How to use Nearby Sharing features?

First of all, the involved computers must have Nearby Sharing features enabled. To enable it, Open the Action Center and click on Nearby Sharing. You can also enable it by Settings > System > Shared experiences > Nearby Sharing. Before starting sharing make sure your computer’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is enabled. Now check out the process of sending and receiving of files with Nearby Sharing features.

Procedure of Sending a file using Nearby Sharing

Right click on file to send and select the share option from the context menu. This will open the standard windows 10 sharing dialog. Wait till it scans the nearby devices. Now select the device which you want to send the files.

Nearby Sharing Short Distance Communication in Win 10

Procedure of Receiving a file using Nearby Sharing

You will be notified when someone sends you a file. You need to either accept and save the file. You can also reject the file by closing the connection. There are other settings and adjustments to enhance the capacity of Nearby sharing. You can also add security on this available sharing mechanism.

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