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Mouse Double Clicking Automatically in Windows 10

Mouse Double Clicking Automatically in Windows 10

Mouse Double Clicking Automatically in Windows 10Mouse Double Clicking Automatically in Windows 10 – We use mouse several times for a single work and depended on it when we want to complete our work faster. We just click on it and process our work in few seconds. If same work is to be done with keyboard then it will be cumbersome. In this article we discuss on an issue related to mouse activity. Whenever we click mouse button once, it automatically generates double clicks. If you have suffered from same case then this article will help you much.

Basic troubleshooting might avoid such double clicking

You must perform few checking before starting the main troubleshooting. Check the mouse on another system. Test the mouse on multiple program to confirm that a particular program is not creating such nonsense. Check the mouse properties. Reinstall the mouse & touch drivers. Run the hardware troubleshooter. Lastly troubleshoot in clean boot mode. If these steps do not fix the problem then read below.

Procedure to fix mouse double clicking automatically in Windows 10

  • Select Double Click to Open an item in Control Panel

Go to general tab, click items as follows section, click on the radio button that reads Double-click to open an item (Single click to select). Click on Apply and OK.

  • Reinstall the Updated Mouse driver

Press Window + X to open quick access. Go to device manager from the list. Locate Mice and other pointing devices from the list on the left side of the window. Right click on the driver end and click on uninstall. Restart the computer.

  • Run Hardware and device Troubleshooter

Press Windows + R to open Run Dialog. Type the control panel to open it for you and click on it. Then click on troubleshooting. Click on Configure a device under Hardware and sound. Click on next to run troubleshooter. You need to wait till troubleshooting completed.

  • Update the touch driver

Press Windows + X key to open Device Manager. Click on Mice and other pointing devices. Now right click on your mouse devices/driver. Then click on Update driver and follow the steps till end.

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