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Most Popular Speech Recognition Software for Computer

Most Popular Speech Recognition Software for Computer

Most Popular Speech Recognition Software for Computer – A Passionate Computer user must know well about the Cortana or Alexa or Siri and its appreciable properties. These are programs which inhale your voice and returns what you want without any further work. It emphasis on ease of accessibility. Or you can say it is obvious more personal and hand free tool. Like calling you Uber for riding to reading your emails to ordering for food to set you reminder, voice recognition system do much. In this article we will focus on most popular speech recognition software for Windows PC.

Most Popular Speech Recognition Software for Computers

  1. Windows Speech Recognition Application

The Microsoft own speech recognition feature is the best way to experience the speech recognition properties and working. The application avail not only six languages including Mandarin and Spanish but also have multitask like that of total pro. It is easy to browse through the social media with this app. It is extensively used for correcting mistakes and also best for editing. You can also set it to sleep mode which will not listen or react to anything around it.

Most Popular Speech Recognition Software for Computer

  1. Cortana

It is also a best and popular voice app created by Microsoft with major investment and keeping on updating. A user can use it for organizing lists, organize meetings, setting reminders and others. The working individuals use this app mostly for itineraries and to send emails. The layout and interface of Cortana are impressive and user friendly. It obviously makes work easier.

  1. Braina –

It is also the best app for speech recognition. Braina is very responsive and personally used. It is a multitasker where several apps are launched at once. You can control Windows 10 more with the help of Braina with phone. The English version of Braina is available free of cost which is sufficient for us.

Most Popular Speech Recognition Software for Computer

  1. VoxCommando

It is the best app for social media and entertainment usage. The VoxCommando supports more than 18 languages making it more extraordinary. The VoxCommando apps is widely used by the IT professionals. A user can use this app to control media and even the system. These are the Most Popular Speech Recognition Software for Computer.

Most Popular Speech Recognition Software for Computer

  1. Dragon Naturally Speaking –  

It is also a best app which is developed by Dragon Systems of Newton, Massachusetts. It runs on Windows personal computers and other popular OS. It supports 32 & 64 bit edition of Windows 7,8 and 10. It uses minimal user interface. Likewise – It dictated words appear in a floating tooltip as they are spoken and when the speaker pauses, the program transcribes the words into the active window at the location of the cursor.

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  1. I am surprised you’re leaving out Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which actually is the world’s best-selling — means the most popular — speech recognition software…!

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