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Microsoft Office OneNote Intensive Features

Microsoft Office OneNote Intensive Features

Microsoft Office OneNote Intensive Features – Microsoft OneNote is an excellent tool containing many interesting features which are added regularly. It is mainly used for gathering information and collaborating with other users sitting somewhere else far from each other. Some of the basic features which OneNote has creating table easily, using calculator, create page template, Record Voice, protect sensitive information and others. There are many version of OneNote available in market but Window 10 OneDrive is quite interesting. The features which make it interesting are given below.

Microsoft Office OneNote Intensive Features:

OneNote Restructure

It allow user to create a new notebook, set preferences, search notes, add new page, add new sections and other. By this a user can organize notebook, pages, sections etc.

Easy to manage page conflicts

This is one of the special feature which will be helpful under the situation of page conflicts. When multiple user will edit a Notebook there is chances of conflicts between their works. So page conflicts feature allow saving of changes made and can be reviewed and restored if needed. They are arranged according to particular date.

Multitasking Features

This feature allow user to open multiple windows at a time to accomplish tasks easily. The user is required to open New Window in the View tab and Press Control + M (CTRL + M). As a result a new window will open. User can work on both windows simultaneously.

Page Preview feature

This feature will allow user to check or restore the changes on a page which was done earlier. By default it is disabled. The user is required to click on Navigation panel in View menu and select on “show page preview”.

Easily Customize your pens

This feature allows you to customize the type, colour of pens, pencils or highlighters as per need. The user need to click on “+” symbol and select the element according to use.

Dedicated Reader

This feature is available in view menu on OneNote. It has voice recognition features which recognizes the sound and also highlights every word as the user pronounce it. It has also the ability to differentiate between syllabus, nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Making Subpages easily –

During multitasking work with Notebook, user has to handle many tabs which is bit touch, so OneNote has added a feature for creating a subpages so that multitask can be easily done. The user is required to right click on the selected page and select the “Make Subpage” option.

“Tell Me” Feature

It will be helpful for user who have not much knowledge about basic of OneNote. They can take help from this “Tell me” feature, which make learning more easily. The user is required to click on the light bulb on the top right of the screen or can press ALT + Q.

So these are few interesting features which are added in OneNote recently. Some other features include Research on OneNote, check what has changed in a document, Notebook Nickname, Can assign different colour to different notebooks. Smart find Option tab, OneNote Printing, Storing advanced Meeting details, Show page versions, Select Multiple pages, Easy Cut, copy and paste, Proof read text in distinct language and Undo accidental events.

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