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Microsoft Management Console Stopped Working

Microsoft Management Console Stopped Working

Microsoft Management Console Stopped Working – Microsoft Management Console also known as mmc.exe. It works as it manages administrative snap-in for windows. MMC is also responsible for Disk Management, Group policy Editor, Device Manger and its related crash. This kind of situation may occur due to incompatible application and the related DLLs related to Microsoft Management Console.

If we ever met such a situation primarily we must reboot the system first. If it helps a bit then try updating the windows and reboot again. Otherwise we need to go for the troubleshooter.Microsoft Management Console Stopped Working

Using DISM Commands.  

This command is used to repair the corrupt file system image.

Execute System File Checker Scan.

The working of mmc.exe has stopped occurs due to attachment of incompatible file system. The DLLs repairs the corrupt file and verifies its issue to resolve it.

Checking error in event viewer.

This console system shows the list of error log files that we can execute through them. It is used to identify the error and its related issues or messages.
We can check through:-
Search the program in windows search bar. Here the red marked exclamation shows the error.
We can double click on the particular event to know the details of the problem and check its solution.

Boot Windows 10

MMC might have stopped working due to malfunction of certain software. It is advised to uninstall the software and then restart it. If it may not work then we need to Boot our windows clearly. We can also find the offending program by which MMC has stopped working.

Clean booting troubleshooting is designed to find a performance problem. To run clean boot system we need to perform a number of actions and then reboot our system. Once we find the problem we can remove it and make our system run well.

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