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Microsoft Emma Watch Cures Parkinson Tremor

Microsoft Emma Watch Cures Parkinson Tremor

Microsoft Emma Watch Cures Parkinson Tremor – Most of the People know about Parkinson Tremor – an incurable disease which paralyse hand of human being. Parkinson disease affected people’s hand shake uncontrollable which is the common symptom of this tremor. This Emma watch is related to this topic, where the watch can comprehensively control the shaking of hand. Microsoft has designed this Emma watch to cure this Parkinson’s disease perfectly. Today more than 10 millions of people are affected with this Parkinson’s disease. They cannot write even a single word with accuracy. Emma watch is named after Emma Lawton, a Graphic designer duly affected by this Parkinson Tremor. But it is prototype and further research is continued to determine whether Emma Watch could help other people with having same Parkinson’s symptoms.

How Does Microsoft Emma Watch Works?

The affected person is allowed to wear the watch on the wrist. It consists of motor which vibrates in a distinctive pattern to disrupt the feedback loop between Brain and Hand. The watch works through a combination of sensors and AI techniques to potentially detect and monitor symptoms like tremors, instability and stiffness. It helps calm the muscle movements and make it comfortable to write.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

This disease affects the movement of muscular system in any part of your body. It commonly affect hands of the human being. It occurs due to damage of certain nerve cells in the brain of human being. This nerve cell create a chemical called dopamine, which send signal to the parts of your brain to control movement of muscular parts. When this nerve cell damages, no signal are send to your brain and results in abnormality in movements. There are some symptoms which illustrates the affection of Parkinson’s disease. These are Tremor, stiff muscles, problem with balance or walking or writing, slow movement etc.

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