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Microsoft Account Insider builds Problem Solution

Microsoft Account Insider builds Problem Solution

Microsoft Account Insider builds Problem SolutionIn this article we will view problems with the Microsoft Insider program present in our Windows. We knock insider builds for our genuine reason but what to do if login failed at Windows insider program. With this there displays an error message saying – “Your Microsoft account requires attention to get Insider Preview builds”. The message appears with an option saying “Fix me” but clicking it simply ask us whether we want to stop it or not. In such case user didn’t want to stop receiving regular updates and search for another fixation.

Your Microsoft account requires attention to get Insider Preview builds

The possible reason behind this error message would be the interaction between Microsoft account and Insider Program. There are few basic fixations which must be adopted to encounter this error. Read the fixations given below.

Microsoft Account Insider builds Problem Solution

  1. Perform Microsoft Accounts Troubleshooting

This step would fix most of the issues related with Microsoft Accounts. Perform troubleshooting and check whether problem is solved or not else read the second step.

  1. Use your Genuine Microsoft Account

The second successful attempt would be Switch to the Microsoft Account instead of the local accounts. Check if problem is solved else go for third step.

  1. Reinitiate the Insider Program

Exit the insider program and try to rejoin it. Rejoining would fix error due to synchronizing between the program and your insider build program.

  1. Registry level fixation –

We advise our users to back up the data before performing registry level fixation. If the above steps do not work, registry fixation would be the next & final solution. Follow the steps below to perform registry level fixation.

  • Press Win + R to open the Run window and type the command regedit. Press Enter and it will open the Registry Editor.
  • Now Navigate to the following key –


  • After opening the Applicability folder, locate the registry string FlightingOwnerGUID in the right pane. Double-click on it to open its Properties. Erase the Value data and make sure the string is an empty value string. Click on OK to save the settings and then close the Registry Editor.
  • Finally Restart the computer and check if problem is solved.

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