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Memory Management 0X0000001A Error in Windows 10

Memory Management 0X0000001A Error in Windows 10

Memory Management 0X0000001A Error in Windows 10 – Electronic devices such as PC, Laptops, Smartphones, LED, PDA require memory to store & run all programs residing in it. Without memory they are just like a hardware on no use. The same concept is overlapped on Windows PC. There is a special management over the function of Memory in our system. This concept is also known as Memory Management. In this article we focus on error which halts the normal execution of computer. The error is associated with memory management system. The actual error shows Blue screen of death with word “MEMORY MANAGEMENT”.

Procedure to fix Memory Management 0X0000001A error in Windows 10

The error followed by a code 0X0000001A. The reason behind the error would be many. There may be issues with RAM or Hard disk. It might be due to malware infectious program. It may be due to memory full/ crash. Whatever be the reason, we will solve it successfully. Read full article and fix it yourself.

  • Perform Antivirus Scan

We must have a good Antivirus installed in our PCs. Try to purchase a genuine antivirus from a Company. If malware is the core culprit then run Full Antivirus scan on your System. It will encounter & fix those malwares present in the System. It will solve issues related to memory. Now restart the system & check if problem is solved else the next troubleshooting.

  • Perform RAM Testing

If RAM module is corrupt we need to perform RAM Testing. We have to buy a new one from the market. Changing the motherboard would be more suitable. Else run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool from Control Panel. To check this Open Settings. Then navigate to Control Panel. Switch & Click on Administrative tools. Now click on “Diagnose your computer’s memory problems“. Finally, there opens a Window “Windows Memory Diagnostic“. There are two options to perform checking. Choose the one suitable for you. Now restart the PC and check if problem is solved else read below.

  • Empty all Temporary & System Files

We can perform this from Storage Sense which will clean all temporary & system files. Go to Settings > Storage > Navigate below to Storage Sense > Toggle to Turn On. This will empty temporary files present in memory.

  • Update Drivers installed in PC

Although Windows timely update upgrades device drivers installed in our PC. But if any of them are pending, then update them soon. Try to download & install it from manufacturer website.

  • Run System File Checker (SFC)

We can repair Damaged or Corrupted Windows files using SFC. Open the Command Prompt Window with Administrative Privilege. Type the Command “sfc /scannow” and hit enter. It will process in few minutes.

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