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Maylong Tablets Working & Features

Maylong Tablets Working & Features

Maylong Tablets Working & Features – The Maylong Group is a company situated in Michigan who mostly involved in making GPS system. It was foundered in 2006 and with its new introduction in tablet world. The first tablet model which was launched by Maylong was M-150 in 2010. It costs $99 per piece. Although the launch was not proved successful, it was slow, it looked different than advertised, it has no USB port, the microSD memory card slot was not spring loaded.

Maylong Tablets Working & Features

Then the version was updated with 4.0 android system, nice camera, faster processor. The first iteration of the tablet was the M-150. It was followed by M-250, M-260, M-270, M-285 and M-970. All the model costs about $100 except M-970 which cost $200.

Since M-250 and M-26 0 model are the most basic designs. They run on Android 2.2/Froyo (an older operating system). It has DSP processor of value 800 plus 300, while M-260 has 700 Mhz + 550 Mhz DSP processor. Whereas M-270, M-285 and M-970 run on android 4.0 platform which is very user friendly. They have common processor of 1GHz Cortex A8 with 3D accelerator.

All models having 7-inch screens, except the M-970 have 9.7 inches. While Storage capacity in each model varies. The 250 and 260 have only 2 gigabytes of storage, while the 270 and 285 have 4 GB of storage. The 970 has 8 GB of on board storage. The 250, 260, 270, 285 and 970 models can accommodate a microSD memory card.

All the models have Wi-Fi capabilities. They have an Internet browser, a digital media player, streaming capabilities and limited apps to support for. When we start from 270-285-970 range, features get improved. A Flash Player and a PDF reader are installed. YouTube, Kindle, Kobo, an eBook reader and access to an app market are also included.

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