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Managing App Permission in Windows 10

Managing App Permission in Windows 10

Managing App Permission in Windows 10 – Privacy is an important aspect for every individual. There are various companies like Google, Facebook and other that uses data of person for advertisement and they promise for a better privacy to user in future. When we check the archives folder of Facebook, Google and others. We came to know that they have all the information including our location. Since, maximum of its user are unaware of this we must regularly check the archives folder to remain updated. It is necessary for every user to be protected from such security breach.

How to manage apps.

To keep ourselves protected from such security breach, we must manage our apps. In this article we are going to discuss the management of apps.

Click on Start and then click on setting.
Select Privacy and it will contain all the app permission.

Location: – This setting page enables user to choose own location.

Geofencing: – This helps windows to find out users location and will remind of nearby places.

Managing App Permission in Windows 10

Camera:- user has two option available under this. I.e. ON or OFF.
While turning this option OFF. It will disallow all apps and services from accessing to camera totally. Then user needs to select the option that he wants to access.

Contacts:- Our contacts are stored in Microsoft and it helps users to choose whether they want Windows and/or apps to access their contacts.

Microphone:- its functionality is similar to camera. We can allow apps to access our microphone or can disable it as per our need.

Background Apps:-  At all instance of time some apps remain working in system. It remains invisible to user as it runs in background. So user can disable it or can also limit its performance.

Automatic File Download:- some online storage providers that have facility to download files automatically. We can disable it and can re enable it.

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