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How to fix LogonUI.exe Application Error 0x80000003

How to fix LogonUI.exe Application Error 0x80000003

Hello there! Well this time we confront with a new error viewed on Computer. The error is seen during system startup. The pop up message behave unexpectedly. This is an Application error associated with a code 0x80000003.

LogonUI.exe Application Error – message

“The exception Breakpoint. A breakpoint has been reached. (0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x00007FFC7F84C4D7. Click on Ok to terminate the program.”

Note– Tally error message then proceed.

How to fix LogonUI.exe Application Error 0x80000003

What is LogonUI.exe?

The LogonUI.exe file is responsible for login interface popup asking username and password (account information). So, PC will start normally when user enters the correct username & password. The LogonUI.exe file also initiate welcome interface. Misbehaving LogonUI.exe file might be annoying for us.

We have couple of fixings for LogonUI.exe Application Error 0x80000003. Let us understand all of them in brief.

LogonUI.exe Application error 0x80000003 Troubleshooting

  • Repair system error by running DISM

This tool will sort out file corruption error and repair system related files. This is a type of scan and takes about 20 minutes to complete. We can also run DISM when booted in safe mode.

How to run DISM?

Go to Command Prompt (admin) > Enter Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/Restorehealth > Enter.

  • Disable Graphics driver in Safe mode

In most cases error appears due to graphics card installed in our PC. We need to disable graphics card in safe mode.

  1. Enter PC in safe mode
  2. Disable Graphics driver.

How to Enter PC in Safe mode?

Start Menu > Click on Power Icon > Press & Hold Shift key, Choose Restart > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart.

When PC restarts presenting a list of options, choose safe mode by pressing the appropriate key.

How to disable Graphics driver?

Windows Key + X > Device Manager > Locate the graphics card > Right click & select Disable device> Click on Yes.

Restart the PC. Now Window will start without an error. If so, you need to enable graphics driver again.

  • Disable Pin Login – 

Pin login is an effective way to protect your PC from unauthorized access.  But malfunctioning might create this loginUI.exe error. In this case user need to disable Pin Login.

How to disable Pin Login?

Press Window key + I to open Settings Window. Go to Accounts Sections. Click on Sign-in option on left. Scroll down to Pin section & click Remove. Press Remove appearing on confirmation message. Enter correct password & press OK.

  • Use Ctrl +Alt + Del key

If you are unable to log on Windows due to LogonUI.exe error, then pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del key will allow access. This trick do not work once. But repetition might be fruitful.

  • Perform a Clean Boot 

This trick will work only if any third party app initiates LogonUI.exe error. Perform clean boot to disable all startup application until you find the culprit.

How to perform Clean boot?

Press Win+R to open Run command window. Enter msconfig & press OK. Then System Configuration Window will open. Navigate to Services tab & check Hide all Microsoft Services. Navigate to Startup Tab and click on “Open Task Manager”. In the Task Manager Window you have a list of all Startup apps. Disable all apps one by one. Close Task Manager Window. Now go to System Configuration Window and click Apply & OK to save the changes. At last a dialog box asking Restart will open. Perform restart.

  • Perform System Restore

Creating a System Restore point might resolve the LogonUI.exe application error on Windows. This will remove any recent problem and restore to a previous point.

How to Create System Restore Point?

Press Win+S and enter System Restore. Click on Create a restore point. Now System Properties window will open. Navigate to System Restore. Click on Next. Now you can see a list of available Restore Point. Select one appropriate for you and click on Next. Follow the instruction wizard to complete restoration. Open the system once again and check if problem is solved.

 Hope this helps you lot. 

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