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Learn Software development online easily by Codecademy new products

Learn Software development online easily by Codecademy new products

Learn Software development online easily by Codecademy new products – Codecademy, a software development online study portal, having 45 million users added new intensive options which will help beginners to learn codes online easily. It is one of the popular site which provide online material to learn how to develop a software. Now Codecademy has decided to release three new professional paid products for their visitors which provide much more intensive, sharp, keen learning experience.

This will be beneficial for users for imparting knowledge and also build career in software industry. One such true story by Codecademy says “One of my favourite stories is a construction worker who heard about Codecademy from a family member, and spent two months on the free platform. He then joined an early version of Pro Intensive, and joined our site as a mentor, helping other members while he improved his skills himself. A couple of months after that, he got a job as a software developer“.

Codecademy New Professional Paid Products

  1. Codecademy Pro – It require monthly membership subscription of $19.99. It is the enhanced version of free product. It contains personalised learning plans, asks support from professional advisors, quizzes and extra projects. It provide greater emphasis on niche language like GO, Elixr, PHP and c#.
  2. Codecademy Pro Intensive – This product is dedicated for web design and structured intensive program. It require monthly subscription of $199. This product launched two programs – Build Websites from Scratch and Build Front End Apps. The product also emphasised on Intensive course in Back-end APIs, full stack software development and Quality assurance (QA) Engineering. The intensive course also fixes common criticism of Codecademy free product. The Build website from scratch course imparts time to advanced skills like browser compatibility and responsive design as well as professional knowledge.
  3. Codecademy Pro Mentors – It is the most expensive product compared to Pro Intensive Option. It Costs $ 499 per month subscription. This product offers intensive offering with weekly one on one supports from a professional mentor. The support session from professional mentors will be of 30 minutes at a time. It means 30 minutes per week or say 8 to 10 class per month.

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