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Latte Tablets Specification and Features

Latte Tablets Specification and Features

Latte Tablets Specification and Features – Latte is a California Company which deals on inexpensive electronics devices from Asian Companies in the US. The company sells two valuable electronic items i.e. Tablets and MIDs which run on Android Operating system. On comparison with Kindle Fire, Amazon, Samsung, LG and Google, the Latte tablets having very low price. We will explain all the tablets launched by Latte and also the comparison with the other android tablets.

Latte deals with two tablets – ICE Smart (launched in August 2011) and iMuz (launched in March 2012). When you talk about ICE Smart tablet, it has 5-inch display when measured diagonally. It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread which is a version of android designed for smartphones. A Processor of 800 MHZ value, RAM of 256 MB and Internal flash storage of 8GB is embedded in ICE Smart.

A headphone jack, micro SD, USB and HDMI is also available in ICE Smart tablet. A battery valued 200 mAh power is there in ICE Smart. An expanded storage upto 32 GB is available in ICE Smart. The ICE Smart tablet uses a resistive touch screen which supports two simultaneous touch points. The 4 inches display ICE Smart supports resolution value of 800 by 480 pixel. Later Latte released iMuz with extensive features and hardware. The ICE smart also has features like – 1080p video support, TV mirroring output via HDMI and media player.

Latte iMuz is running on 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, Max Storage value of 8GB, 3200mAH battery, better graphics unit, 0.3 megapixel of front facing camera, Wi-Fi value 802.11 and screen size of 7 inches or 17.8 cm. Since the larger latte tablet does not have capacitive screen. The iMuz tablet having resolution of 1280 by 800-pixel value. The iMuz capacitive screen support five finger multitouch and HDMI mirroring capability.

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