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Latest Windows 10 Update and Fixes

Latest Windows 10 Update and Fixes

Latest Windows 10 Update and FixesLatest Windows 10 Update and Fixes- The latest update in windows 10 version was made on 10 April 2018. This update helps its user to get rid of certain issue like Reddit and the Microsoft Answer Forum. In this update of windows it worked on such issue and fixed it weather it was too small.

How to update windows 10 v 1803.

The most successful method to update windows 10 is to download it through windows 10 update assistance. But there is also issue regarding that as sometimes it gets stuck at 40% or 99% and becomes unresponsive. So before downloading the patch file we must fix the connectivity issue.

Black screen Problem while updating Windows 10.

After successful installation and before the welcome screen in windows 10 v1803. We find a black screen this means that there is any problem in our installation wizard. Mostly it happens because of graphic card issue. Then we need to troubleshoot the Black Screen Problem. If it won’t works then we will have to roll back to the older version of windows 10.

Windows 10 Activation code.

After successful activation of windows 10 it gets reactivated automatically but unfortunately if it won’t happens then there is no need to worry. The activation code usually comes in form of 0x789F893. Since our license is connected to Microsoft account. So we can easily reactivate it.

Apps cannot access Camera after updating to windows 10 v1803.

It is similar like microphone, camera is also used by our system and other apps. If we are not able to access the camera then, follow these steps. Click on setting and go to Privacy setting and then click on Camera. Now turn on the notification toggle. If still the problem persists then we need to manually need to assign permission for each apps.

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