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Latest Upgraded Features of Windows 10 v1803

Latest Upgraded Features of Windows 10 v1803

Latest Upgraded Features of Windows 10 v1803Latest Upgraded Features of Windows 10 v1803- The latest version of Windows 10 is v1803 upgraded in April 2018. The latest version comes with a lot of advanced features. Here in this article we are about to know the latest feature of v1803. The latest is the UI functionality, setting and a lot of new feature.

New Feature of Windows 10.

System Setting. – The display page has new features. In the advanced scaling setting, we can enable this feature. We can enable this feature. It will help windows to automatically fix scaling and DPI issue of our system. Advanced Display setting user can view all the connected system and their properties. It is helpful for multiple users.

Graphics Setting: – in this user can use his GPU to a particular app. User can select application of his choice and can select a GPU from high performance and Power saving and can utilise it.

Sound: – The newest and latest feature is in the sound page. It helps user to control input and output device and can also check master volume. The page contains a direct link to App volume and Device preference, where we can manually set the volume for application.

Focus Assistant: – the focus assist is the upgraded name of Quiet hours. It enables users to schedule the notification and can also block it. User can also maintain his/her priority list so that windows can decide to display the notification to show in priority mode . user can also block certain notification as per his choice.

Multitasking: – The advanced feature of multitasking is to bring a new definition of multitasking i.e. Timeline. The timeline replaces the task view. It also gives us a quick view to history of our work. It helps user to quickly open the certain files that was opened few days ago.


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