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Why Keyboard or Mouse not responding in Windows 10

Keyboard or Mouse not responding in Windows 10

Keyboard or Mouse not responding in Windows 10 – Keyboard and Mouse is essential Input device to be connected in our PC. They are used to input data or information for processing. But what will happen if these devices stop working automatically. We restart PC, eject/ insert keyboard/ mouse but problem remains. If the issue is normal then ejecting/ inserting/ restarting will fix the problem. So proceed towards advanced troubleshooting to make keyboard/ mouse working. We hope advance troubleshooting procedures will help you lot.

Keyboard or Mouse not responding in Windows 10 Keyboard or Mouse not responding in Windows 10

Troubleshooting would be easier if keyboard or mouse is embedded on Computer like Laptops. On the other hand, it would be difficult if keyboard or mouse is used externally like PCs. We have couple of troubleshooting procedures to resolve the issue. We ask you to use another working keyboard / mouse before going for troubleshooting.

Procedures to fix “Keyboard or Mouse not responding in Windows 10”.

  1. Check Bluetooth Connectivity–

If keyboard/ mouse are connected via Bluetooth, then check that it is receiving the Bluetooth signal. Check the battery inside the Bluetooth, mouse/ keyboard.

  1. Check Keyboard/ Mouse cable connected via USB –

Ensure that the cable is connected via USB. Ensure that it is not rotten or faulty.

  1. Connect Keyboard/ Mouse with another computer –

Connecting with another computer will confirm whether problem lies with the PC or Keyboard/ mouse.

  1. Check the USB Hub –

If you are using USB hub for connectivity then check the Hub correctly.

  1. Disable Filter Keys –

If Filter keys are enabled, then disable it and check if problem is solved.

Settings > Ease of Access > keyboard > Toggle to turn off filter keysKeyboard or Mouse not responding in Windows 10

  1. Perform Clean Boot

Restart the PC in Clean boot mode and troubleshoot manually by trial and error method. How to perform clean boot? Get here

  1. Disable Fast Startup

Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power button do > change settings that are currently unavailable > remove the check mark against Turn on fast startup.

  1. Check the Device Driver

There may be error inside the Device Driver of Keyboard or Mouse. First of all update the driver and check if it works. Else Uninstall and reinstall the driver.

  1. Run the Troubleshooter

Open the Windows 10 Troubleshooter page and run the specific troubleshooter.

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