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Kaspersky found Xafecopy Malware Stealing Money from Mobile Phones

Kaspersky found Xafecopy Malware Stealing Money from Mobile Phones

Kaspersky found Xafecopy Malware Stealing Money from Mobile Phones – Xafecopy virus or Malware is a new kind of virus discovered by security researchers of Kaspersky Antivirus. The Xafecopy Virus or malware can intelligently clicks WAP form links on website which charges money from user’s mobile phones directly. The malware also delete messages notifying user about unauthorised billings. Report says – Xafecopy malware hit more than 48 hundred users in around 47 countries within a month, where 37.5% of the attack detected and blocked by Kaspersky Antivirus in India, Russia, Mexico and Turkey.

According to Kaspersky Lab Senior malware Analyst Roman Unuchek – “Our research suggests WAP billing attacks are on the rise. Xafecopy’s attacks targeted countries where this payment method is popular. The malware has also been detected with different modifications, such as the ability to text messages from a mobile device to premium-rate phone numbers, and to delete incoming text messages to hide alerts from mobile network operators about stolen money”.

The Xafecopy malware injects a harmful code into the victim’s device which takes control in the background. The malware silently subscribe to a number of services in victims device. The malware also bypasses the Security check called Captcha, during subscribing users to services. In fact WAP billing from is a type of mobile payment which directly charges the user’s mobile phone bill instead of any debit or credit card.

This is not the first malware attack on Android phone users. Recently malware known as JUDY also affected approx. 36.5 million devices. Judy malware was indulged in fraudulent clicking on advertisement in websites to generate money for its perpetrators. In order tackle such problem Google has implemented Play Protect feature in its play store and other devices. The Play protect scans android device in real time and inform if any issues or abnormal incident are found.

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