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JPG Image File Not Opening in Windows 10

JPG Image File Not Opening in Windows 10

JPG Image File Not Opening in Windows 10JPG Image File Not Opening in Windows 10 – We love to use images from social media platforms to sharing networks with ease. These images are of different types with different format like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, TGA, JBIG and others. But what to do if your Window does not open any JPG image file like earlier. Although this problem is concerned with all the operating system. In this article we had focused on problems related to JPG file format. We work with photos on a daily basis and get annoyed if such problem appears at the time of work.

Procedure to resolve “JPG Image File Not Opening in Windows 10

There are three basic methods to handle JPG image file not opening in Windows 10. This can be done by resetting/ reinstalling the photo app or selecting photo viewer as default opener.

  • Resetting Photos App –

Open the Settings Window and Navigate to Apps followed by Apps & Features tab. Scroll down and find the photos and click on Advanced options. Then new window will open where you need to reset the app by clicking on Reset button. The resetting will take few seconds to complete. Open the jpg file and check if problem is solved.

Alternatively- Settings > Apps > Apps & features > Photos > Advanced Options > Reset.

  • Reinstalling the Photo App –

If the earlier reset does not work then problem remains due to bug attack on apps. This can permanently be removed by reinstalling the Photo application. Press Window Key + S and type PowerShell. Now right click on the file and select run as administrator. The moment PowerShell is fully up and running, run the following command.

get-appxpackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos | remove-appxpackage

Once the application is removed, download and install a new one from authorized websites. Then run the photo app and check if problem is solved or not.

  • Select the Photo Viewer as the default to open jpg file

To make photo viewer the default program for jpeg file open the setting app and select System > Default apps > Photo Viewer > Photos. Atlast select Windows Photo viewer from the list.

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