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Java 10 new features in JDK 10

Java 10 new features in JDK 10

Java 10 new features in JDK 10Java 10 new features in JDK 10 – With the last release by Oracle, Java 9 proved not so efficient with its tools & framework for the manufacturers. So, Oracle has delivered a new version Java 10 with many extensive features. The features that are added in Java 10 will help out users to cope up with the task quickly. In this article we emphasis on Java 10 latest features or say JDK 10 new features.

Java 10 latest features and uses

  • Local variable Initializer – It will extend type inference for the declaration of local variables with initializer. It is one of the real features added for developers in JDK 10.
  • Default Set of Root Certificate Authority Certificate  – There is provision to set default the Root Certificate and Authority Certificate. This is done for making OpenJDK builds more appealing for developers. This will open source root certificate in Oracle’s Java SE Root CA Program.
  • Docker viable awareness – With a new feature JVM will now quickly recognize it if it is running in a docker container. It will easily fetch container specific information like no of CPU, memory allotted to the container. Previously data was fetch by querying the Operating system.
  • Optimize Startup time and footprint by sharing Application class data. Now JDK 10 will extend the CDS functionality so that application class can be placed in the shared archive. But previously use of CDS was restricted to the bootstrap class loader only. The CDS was first introduced in JDK 5 in attempt to improve the performance of the JVM Startup and also to reduce the resource footprint.
  • More JVM options – It allows Docker container users greater control over system memory.
  • New APIs – The new APIs will enable the creation of unmodifiable collections. The CopyOf, Set.copyOf, and Map.copyOf methods create new collection instances from existing instances. New methods like toUnmodifiableList, toUnmodifiableSet, and toUnmodifiableMap were added to the Collectors class in the Stream package which allows the elements of a Stream to be collected into an unmodifiable collection.
  • Garbage Collector Interface – It is a clean interface within the JVM source code to allow alternative collectors to be quickly and easily integrated.
  • Bug Fixations – The docker container has a bug fix to correct the attachment mechanism when trying to attach from a host process to java process.
  • Graal Java based JIT Compiler – The Graal will let you create runtimes and compilers for new or existing languages in Java. Graal Java as just-in-time compiler to be used on Linux/x64 platform.

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