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How to whitelist blacklist a program on Windows

How to whitelist blacklist a program on Windows

How to whitelist blacklist a program on Windows – Today, Ransomware is on rise and you might be a new victim of it. To defend, we enrol all types of security mechanism like Antivirus, Window Defender, Firewall protection etc.

Apart from these tools we recommend our readers to blacklist or Whitelist a program on Windows.

How to whitelist blacklist a program on Windows

When you Whitelist a program, only whitelisted program will be allowed to run. On the other side, malwares/ infected programs/ unknown files/ Ransomware will not be able to run on your system.

Whitelisting is a task that IT admins follow to block unauthorised programs running on the system. It is good not only for IT Admins but also for Simple users.

Procedure to Whitelist/ Blacklist a program on Windows

We have couple of tools to Whitelist/ Blacklist a program on Windows. We will discuss each of them in this article.

  1. Security Policy Settings –

If you have Windows Pro or Enterprise Edition on PC, then you need to obey Security Policy Settings to Whitelist a program. Type secpol.msc in Run command Window and press Enter.

The Local Security Policy Editor Window will open. On left side of the Window you will find Security Settings. Below it you have Software Restriction Policies.

You need to create new policies by right clicking on it and selecting Create a new policy. On right side of the Window, you have three types of additional setting preferences.

  • Enforcement
  • Designated File Types
  • Trusted Publishers

Software Restriction Policies accomplish tasks such as-

  • Whitelist Programs
  • Fight malware
  • Run only digitally signed scripts
  • Allow only approved software to be installed
  • Lock down a system
  • Regulate which ActiveX controls can be downloaded

Then navigate to open the Security Levels folder with three available options- Disallowed, Basic User and Unrestricted. Double click on Disallowed option, if you allow those applications to run which are Whitelisted. And finally set it as default one.

2. Windows AppLocker –

This feature exists only in Enterprise Edition of Windows. It allow admin to block or allow specific users from accessing certain applications. The AppLocker allow control on executable files, scripts, Installer files, DLLs, Packaged app installers etc. Using Applocker we can prevent Users from installing or running Windows Store apps.

3. CryptoPrevent

It contains feature called Whitelist. It allow you to add only trustworthy program. The program might be executed from the locations that tool block.

How to whitelist blacklist a program on Windows

4. NoVirusThanks Radar Pro

It facilitates either allowing or denying of loading kernel files.

5. Internet Security Suites

A internet security suite includes settings to blacklist or whitelist a program. If you are running it, find the features in the settings panel.

6. AppSamvid Application Whitelisting Software

C-DAC has developed a software under GOI Digital India Initiative. The software is designed mainly for Whitelisting any program.

7. Microsoft Family Safety

The Family Safety tool can easily allow or block applications and games.

8. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit

It is almost free application which can block software from running on Windows 10/8.1/7. EM Toolkit is quite effective against ransomware. It prevents installation of softwares which are exploited by malware/ malicious practices.

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