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How to Use PC as Mobile Hotspot?

How to Use PC as Mobile Hotspot?

How to Use PC as Mobile Hotspot? – We have generally seen people using Mobile Hotspot to download Movie, Songs; Chatting using Facebook, Using WhatsApp and other Internet Uses. With one mobile network more and more user can access the internet connectivity. But here we present before you a new technique by which a PC or Laptop can be used as a Mobile Hotspot. This features in basically available in Window 10 PC. So it is easy to share your internet connection of PC with other devices over WIFI. If your PC has cellular data connection you can also share it with other devices. The settings should be done to both Window 10 PC and Users Device Settings. The steps which a user has to do in order to make Window 10 PC into a mobile hotspot are given below—

Window 10 PC Settings:

  1. Switch On your Window 10 PC and Click on the Start button.
  2. Then go to Settings followed by Network & Internet and then Mobile hotspot.
  3. From Share My Internet connection, select the internet connection we want to make as hotspot.
  4. Then Select Edit and Enter New Network Name & Password and Click Save.
  5. Then Turn On “Share my Internet Connection with other devices”.

This is the setting which should be done in window 10 PC. The user device step by step settings are given below.

User Device Settings:

Now the user can access Wi-Fi hotspot of window 10 PC. The user is required to go for Wi-Fi Settings and find the Network name, select it, enter the password and Click Connect.

Quick Accessibility Links:–

Start> Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile hotspot> Share my Internet connection from (Choose the internet connection you want to connect)> Edit (Enter New Name and Password)> Save> (Turn On) Share my Internet Connection with other devices.

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