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How to Use Narrator with Movies & TV app

How to Use Narrator with Movies & TV app

How to Use Narrator with Movies & TV app – The narrator is a built in Screen reader that reads text on your screen loudly and illustrate every events which is going on there. This narrator can be used with Movies & TV apps. The feature enable user to use PC with partial or no vision. This narrator comes in action by using either path procedures or shortcut keys available. In this article we will discuss about all the procedures and shortcut keys by which action can be accomplished.

The user is required to start Narrator and App one after another. The Narrator can be started by Pressing Window logo key + Enter. And can be stopped by pressing again Window logo + Enter. To open the app, user has to press the Window logo key and type movies & TV and then press Enter. In order to close, press Alt + F4.

The movies and TV app contains few landmarks which are discussed in this page. The important landmarks contain Navigation area for main app, Search box, Sign in button, more option, Main Tab.
Important Landmarks available on app:

  1. Navigation for main app areas – The main app area include Explore, Purchase and Personal. The Explore allow user to shop for new movies or TV shows to buy or rent from the store. The Purchase is a place to find movies or TV shows you have already bought or rented. Personal allow you to browse videos which are personal and stored on your device.
  2. Search box – It allow user to search collections of contents.
  3. Sign in – It is used to sign in your Microsoft account.
  4. More allow you to open a menu for more options.
  5. Main – This is the main content area where a user explore new movies and TV shows to either buy or rent in the store.

How to navigate on Movies & TV?

In order to navigate through out different areas of the app, use Tab key, Shift + Tab keys and arrow keys. The arrow key is helpful in navigating within the area. The navigation and other controlling features should be applied with the help of keyboard shortcuts discussed below.

The Keyboard Shortcuts used in Movies & TV app

Sl. No. Press this key To do this task
1 Ctrl + Q Move focus to the Search box
2 Shift + F10 Open a context menu such as when focus is on a content item in the Movie gallery
3 Alt + Enter Enter full-screen mode (when watching a video)
4 Esc Leave full-screen mode (when watching a video)
5 Enter Select something that’s in focus
6 Spacebar or Ctrl + P Play or pause (when watching a video)
7 Alt + Left arrow key or Backspace Go back
Ctrl + T Turn repeat on or off (when watching a video)
8 F7 Mute the sound (when watching a video)
9 F8 Volume down (when watching a video)
10 F9 Volume up (when watching a video)

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