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How to Use Health & Fitness Device with HealthVault

How to Use Health & Fitness Device with HealthVault

How to Use Health & Fitness Device with HealthVault – HealthVault is an Online health service which track your medical record and also used to share with the one trusted by you. The HealthVault can be connected with various medical devices like blood pressure monitors, peak flow meters, blood glucose meters, pedometers and scales. These devices can be connected with the help of special program that run on your computer. The information from the health and fitness devices can be send to HealthVault with the help of HealthVault Connection Center. In this article we will study about the health devices connections and what are the factors related to connection issues.

How to Use Health & Fitness Device with HealthVault
What are the kinds of devices work with HealthVault Online Service?

HealthVault support a variety of health and fitness devices like Blood Pressure monitors, peak flow meters, Blood glucose meter, pedometers, scalars, Weight Scale, Pulse Oximeter, Peak flow meter and many other.
How do Medical device send info to HealthVault Online Service?

The information of medical devices can be sent to HealthVault by connecting the devices with the computer. In order to establish connection with HealthVault, a free software program called as HealthVault Connection Center is used. This software program can be downloaded from the HealthVault Website. There are many apps let you to analyze and manage that information to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Some devices can connected with the HealthVault without using HealthVault Connection Center.

What if someone has device which doesn’t work with HealthVault?

In Such case the user can enter the data manually into the HealthVault website. At the top of the page in HealthVault, click Add and then click the link for the type of information you want to add.

Where do I find my uploaded info from devices?

To get uploaded data from your device, user is required to open Measurements section on the left side of the page and click the type of information your device measures.

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