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How to Use Cortana Notebook for Individual Needs

How to Use Cortana Notebook for Individual Needs

How to Use Cortana Notebook for Individual NeedsHow to Use Cortana Notebook for Individual Needs – Do you know Windows Cortana can be more responsive for any one, if we use its Notebook features? It means we have to add our interests in Cortana notebook from where she act accordingly. Window Cortana can do many things for us if we are busy in some another work. Some of the functions of Cortana is explained below.

  1. Travel – Cortana can track flight notification from your email and give you update status and info about your final destination.
  2. News – Cortana can show you latest daily news from time to time.
  3. Sports – Cortana can track activities of your favourite sports and team members.
  4. Weather – Cortana can forecast weather details of any place either closer or farther.
  5. Cortana can track traffic and decide which route should be suitable accordingly with rush and time saving.

So these are the Cortana main features which will help the boss at any time and place. But one thing is mostly required to get all these features i.e. set all the parameters in notebook. To do so —-

Search for Cortana Home and open it. Now Select Notebook. This is the place where you have to do settings like tracking flights and Packages, sending notification across devices, responding to “Hey Cortana” and get tips from your lock screen. From settings window you will get all the options. Set your options according to need and go on.

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