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How to use Clipboard feature in Windows 10

How to Use Clipboard feature in Windows 10

How to use Clipboard feature in Windows 10 – There are many electronic gadgets available using Clipboard features in it. A simple use of Clipboard is to copy a text or image from somewhere & paste it elsewhere. You have seen it on Smartphones & Other devices too. You may be surprised to know that is can be used on Windows 10. This feature is integrated into Windows 10 v1809 and further. If you wish to use it, then Windows with you must be v1809 or upgraded one. We can access copied data from Windows to other Synchronized devices like Smartphones.

How to use Clipboard feature in Windows 10

It can keep a copy of text or image or other and retain it even after reboot. That is why we can term this feature as Cloud based Clipboard. It copies data onto the memory and access it whenever required. However, using Clipboard feature on Windows is Cool. There are many options present in Clipboard Settings making user fond of it. Read the full article to know how to use clipboard feature in Windows 10.

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How to Open Clipboard in Windows 10 v1809/ further?

Go to Search bar at the bottom-left of Taskbar. Type “Settings” in the space provided and hit Enter. Choose Settings from the list. In the Settings Window, Choose System. In the bottom-left of System page, you will find Clipboard tab. Click on it. Now you are in Clipboard.

How to Enable Clipboard?

In Clipboard Window, Navigate to Clipboard history header. Toggle the button to On. We can save multiple items onto the Clipboard history to use it later. You can view saved Clipboard history by pressing Window key + V.

Similarly toggle-On for option “Sync across device” just below the Clipboard history. As a result, Microsoft receives your clipboard data to sync it across your devices.

How to access Clipboard feature?

Press Windows Key + V anywhere you want to access Clipboard feature. As a result, Clipboard Window will appear. Since Clipboard contains all the data you have copied earlier. To copy – paste any of the data just click on it. It will automatically appear on the editor page open there. But for images you must have opened an image-based page like Paint.

You can scroll Clipboard content list and use anyone you want. Though, there is no any limit to retain copied data from Clipboard.

How to access Clipboard even after Restart?

Open Clipboard and hover over one of the Data until it becomes shadowed. Look for PIN icon on the right side. Now Click on it to PIN. As a result, those data which are Pinned will be accessed after restart.

How to Clear Clipboard data?

Since Clipboard data are deleted automatically after restart. But Pinned data do not delete after restart. We need to remove it manually. Open Clipboard and unpin all of them manually to delete.

Hope this helps you lot!

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