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How to Update windows 10 using External Storage

How to Update windows 10 using External Storage.

How to Update windows 10 using External StorageHow to Update windows 10 using External Storage- In growing technology, there is a lot of ways to enhance our system performance. We can also solve our related issue like updating, upgradation, cpu usage and other a lot of issue. User can also update his windows 10 using USB drive and other related method. In certain cases we fall short of desired space and then we starts to find a sufficient solution to our related issue.

So, we can clear the related space for this we need to delete all the unwanted files. Another method is we can change the related folder where our files are stored. Sometimes it might be possible that we can’t resolve this issue using both the technique. We can then use an external drive or an external storage.

Updating windows 10 using External storage.

While coming to the point, this option is not available directly in the setting. It will pop up when we try to free up space when the Windows 10 sends its update information. We can select our pre4ffered option like I want to use external storage instead of I don’t have an external storage. Then follow these steps.

Step 1. Free up uncleared space.  

Windows 10 will require the minimum free space on the Primary storage. Through external drive we can the updates required.

Click on free up space now. This will help in filtering the required space. Then we will be able to set update without using free space.

Step 2. Connect external drive.

After connecting our physical storage we need to wait for the second space.

If our system has free space then we will become green/.

External drive.

User needs to connect the external drives. A drop down list will appear.

if our system has enough of free space then it will appear blue and then press on continue and it will become handy.

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