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How to troubleshoot printer driver problem

How to troubleshoot printer driver problem

How to troubleshoot printer driver problem – A printer driver is a program which initiates understanding between our computer and printers. The commands to print something could be understood by printer with the help of printer drivers. So the commands to tell printer how and what to print are obeyed due to the presence of this software called printer driver. In this article we will focus on why sometimes our printer does not respond our commands. We will also see possible troubleshooting measures to fix such problems.

How to troubleshoot printer driver problem

There are many possible reasons why our printer driver might stop working. It may be corrupted, incompatible, wrong settings and missing updates. In order to fix such errors the user need to simply update, install or reinstall the software/driver. In case driver software is corrupted or accidently deleted, the user should follow few steps given below.

What to do if our printer driver corrupt or misbehaving or deleted accidently?

  1. First of all, Go to the printer manufacturer website and search for printer drivers or print drivers or drivers.
  2. Since each printer has its unique model written over the printer body. The user should search for that model only. So select the correct model present on the website.
  3. Browse, download and install the driver on our computer. After installing make sure you restart your computer once.

If you have driver CD and want to reinstall the driver it is very easy. The user need to insert driver CD into the disc drive and just follow the easy procedure ask to do over the computer screen.

If you want to update your driver using windows updates then user need to set up some settings and initiate for window update. After setting, window will automatically download and install recommended updates for your printer.

What are the settings done to automatically download & install driver at the time of window update?

  1. Press start present at the bottom left corner of the screen to open popup menu.
  2. Type update in the search bar, as a result a list of things will appear. Depending on your window’s version you may have to select All Programs from the popup menu. Then click on Windows Update in the left pane and then Check for updates.
  3. Depending upon you Windows Version you have to select “Select the updates you want to install” page followed by Clicking OK.
  4. Then click Install updates on the Windows Update page.
  5. Likewise, user needs to select view available updates and click Install for the driver you want to install.
  6. During installation, provide a confirmation password if system ask to do so.

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