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How to Track Cyber Attack in Real Time

How to Track Cyber Attack in Real Time

How to Track Cyber Attack in Real Time – We don’t know when we are under Cyber threat and continuously losing our secret data being stolen through malicious attack. We have heard about ransomware attack due to secret malware asking for bulky revenues to relief the victim. Apart from this there are many other threat posing on computer via internet for dangerous gains. Is there any way to track such threat in real time? The Answer is yes. In this article we will project some Malware Tracker Maps listed below to show real time cyber attack on computers. These are the best Malware Tracker Maps to track real time cyber attacks.

  • MalwareTech Live Map – The Interface will display the geographical distribution of malware infection on the maps. This will show the time series graphs of online and new bots at real time. The tool will show data respect to each parameters showing in the left side of Live Map.
  • Kaspersky Cyber Threat Real time Map – The user can be sure about the threat to their own computer by using Kaspersky Map. Open the Kaspersky Cyberthreat real time Cybermap window. The screen will show the real time attack detected by various sources. The window lets you customise its layout by filtering certain types of malicious threats like – Web Antivirus, On scanner access, On demand scanner, Intrusion Detection system, Kaspersky Anti spam, Botnet Activity detection and Vulnerability Scan.
  • ThreatCloud Live Cyber Attack Map – ThreatCloud is an intelligence network to fight against Cyber Crime. It is capable of accessing threat data and attack trends from a network of threat sensors. The cyber attack information collected are distributed to customer gateways showing real time threat info which help them enforcing protection against bots, threats and sophisticated malware.
  • Threatbutt – This tool help out to display global cyber attacks occurring in real time both – attacking and targeted IPs. There are other display tools to show real time attacks written below.
  • ESG Malware Tracker
  • Fortinet Threat Map
  • Norse Corp Malware Map

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