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How to Switch Office 365 Home to Business Subscriptions

How to Switch Office 365 Home to Business Subscriptions

How to Switch Office 365 Home to Business Subscriptions – All Office users know that Home Subscription includes plan like Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal and Office 365 University. If a user want to use the products or plans included in Business subscription we will help them a lot. Whatever may be the reason of changing products we must know the basic things before switching. In this article we emphasis on basis knowledge regarding both home and business plans. Below are few important properties included on both plans that make them different. How to Switch Office 365 Home to Business Subscriptions ?

What are the different between Home and Business Plans?

  1. Home plan is licensed for home use whereas business plan licensed for business use.
  2. Home, Personal and University works with a fixed number of users. But in case of Business plan you can purchase license upto 300 users which can be removed and added according to your use.
  3. In home plan Signing is done through Microsoft account but Signing in is done by User ID in case of Business.
  4. Email is accessed using Microsoft account in Home plan. But in Business plan Email is stored in Office 365 and is accessed using an Office 365 work or school account.
  5. Files are stored in OneDrive associated with User Microsoft account. In Business Plan Files are stored in OneDrive for Business.

Steps to Upgrade Office 365 Home to Business Plan

  1. First of all Purchase an Office 365 for Business Plan – Before buying we must think about two main things. Firstly – Do you want the full downloadable Office apps? If yes, you must choose a plan that include the desktop version of Office. Secondly- Do you want each user in your organization to have business class email? If yes, choose a plan that include your desire. Lastly Go to and choose your business subscription.
  2. Create a user accounts – Create a user account such as If you have purchased a user license for yourself and each of your users, at the time of subscription, the user license will automatically be assigned to them when you create their user account.
  3. User have to Copy Outlook information to their new office 365 for business email account easily. This procedure is optional. The user can perform certain task in order to save their email, calendar, tasks and contacts to an Outlook Data File (PST).
    1. Export Outlook 2013 information to an Outlook data file
    2. Set up your email account in Outlook
    3. Access the Outlook information.

In case of Outlook 2013 or higher – Goto File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File. Now browse the PST file you created and click on OK.

  1. Migrate OneDrive Home file to OneDrive for Business. The OneDrive for business provide 1 TB of online file storage for each user. In order to copy OneDrive data – Create a temporary folder say File 1, then Sign in OneDrive using Microsoft account, Copy all files and save it on File 1. Import OneDrive files to Office 365 for business. It can be done through – Goto and sign in with username and password > Select the app launcher > Choose OneDrive > Choose & Upload.
  2. At last Cancel Office 365 for home subscription.

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