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How to Switch B/W different Office 365 Home Subscription

How to Switch B/W different Office 365 Home Subscription

How to Switch B/W different Office 365 Home Subscription – Microsoft Office 365 Home include three main subscriptions namely – Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal and Office 365 University. In this article we focus on switching methods and basic knowledge regarding all the three subscriptions. If a user is happy with same type of subscription stay connected. Before switching to different Home subscriptions we must have the basic knowledge related to all the subscriptions.

Things to know before switching different Subscriptions

  1. If a user have a free offer came with the PC

In such case the subscription is free for limited period of time. The user can switch easily through a wizard asking to choose a Subscription. The wizard show two options – One for staying with the existing subscription. Another for switching to another subscriptions. In case of switching the subscription will be used by only 1 PC or Mac or Tablet, you can’t share your subscriptions.

  1. Downgrading subscriptions – While switching between office 365 subscriptions you have to stop sharing the subscriptions with additional users.
  2. Features & comparison between home and personal subscriptions.

    Available installations increases when we convert office 365 personal to office 365 home, while decrease inversely. Subscription sharing is not allowed when conversion of office 365 home to office 365 personal is done. But sharing is allowed in inverse case.

  3. Can a user switch plans if he/she have a trial subscriptions

    In such case convert your free trial to a paid subscription before switching.

  4. The product offer credit for unused time of current subscription. You will be credited for the amount of time you had remaining on your previous subscription Subscriptions can be extended upto a maximum of 5 years.
  5. Change in the number of devices when we switch different subscriptions. Switching from Office 365 Personal to Office 365 Home would increase the number of devices that you can install Office on but switching from Office 365 Home to Office 365 University or Personal would reduce that number.
  6. No data loss will be there when switching between subscriptions will be done. The file or data is stored in OneDrive and associated with the Microsoft account that user use to sign in to Office 365. The data remain on OneDrive during switching. You can access it after switching.

This is all about basic knowledge related to Office 365 before we continue switching subscriptions. In next article we will discuss about the procedures to switch between different subscriptions.

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