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How to Stop Showing Google Ads on Webpage

How to Stop Showing Google Ads on Webpage

How to Stop Showing Google Ads on WebpageHow to Stop Showing Google Ads on Webpage – Whenever we open a website we find few advertisements within the content of the webpage. These advertisements are displayed by Google depending on our interest and behavior on Internet. Of Course, these ads are also seen at social media platforms, email inbox and Smartphone Apps. This type of advertising is popularly known as Internet based Advertisement. There are two types of advertisement run on internet. One when you are logged into your google account and other when you are not logged in to google account.

Stop Google Ads from following you around the Internet media

These advertisements promote and acknowledge the products and services running around us. Clicking on these ads will let you navigate to the official page of product enquiry and services. Both of these two advertisements are based on your internet browsing, surfing, and searching. A person on internet will see the ads according to his/her age group, choice, gender as well as areas. Google follow the cookies on memory to determine all these factors. We had explained two ways to remove or stop showing google ads on webpages below.

Procedure to stop ads when you are logged in to the Google Account –

Login to the Google Account and visit the link to remove showing google ads on Internet on your computer. There you will see a prompt saying “Also use Google Account activity and information to personalize ads on these websites and apps and store that data in your Google Account”. You need to uncheck this message and exit. After unchecking Google will stop linking your browsing data and websites with their advertising partner apps and will thus stop showing the ads based on your internet activity and your interest.

Procedure to stop ads when you are not logged in to the Google Account –

Just visit the link and uncheck the boxes telling –

  1. Ads Personalization Across the Web
  2. Ads Personalization on Google Search

Once unchecked Google will stop showing you advertisements when you are on Google Search or Youtube.


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