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How to Start Restart Reset & Recover HoloLens

How to Start Restart Reset & Recover HoloLens

How to Start Restart Reset & Recover HoloLens – Sometimes PC HoloLens might not be working normally and in such case we think that there may be software or update problem with it. In this page we will discuss three remedies which will help out to work HoloLens properly. The three reliable methods are Restart your HoloLens, Reset or recover you HoloLens and Recover using Windows Device Recovery Tool.

How and why to Restart HoloLens?

Go to power button and hold it for 4 seconds until all the battery indicators switch off. Wait for 1 minute and press the power button to turn PC on. If neither of the problems solved out then repeat the same step but hold down the power button for 10 sec and wait upto 30 seconds and press the power button to start again. Now after following both the steps the problems might be solved out. If didn’t worked out then follow the next step given below.

How to Reset or Recover your HoloLens?

Now resetting your HoloLens reserve the version of the Windows Holographic software that’s installed on it and returns everything else to factory settings. In order to reset go to Settings > Update > Reset and select Reset device. One things you must keep in mind that before left for reset the battery available in PC should be more than 40 percent.

How to recover using Windows Device Recovery Tool?

Before using this step make sure your HoloLens is not responding. This process will take some time and latest version of the software is installed. To do so download and install Windows Device Recovery Tool on your PC. Now connect your HoloLens to your computer using Micro USB cable (Available in the HoloLens box.) Run the tool and follow the instruction present there.

Now if your HoloLens isn’t detected automatically, select My device and not detected and follow the instructions present there.

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